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Goku No Kimochi, the most popular and difficult-to-book head massage parlour in Japanese history, is setting foot in Langham Place, Hong Kong, occupying 9,000 square feet in 2024. The founder of Goku No Kimochi, Kaneda Atsumi, arrived in Hong Kong in December of this year to personally select the first group of sleep therapists. She has imparted her original 21-styles “God's Hands” to the first employees in Hong Kong, sharing her secret to helping customers achieving “sleep climax” within 10 minutes!

Join us as the first group of sleep therapists/sleep-aid specialists to enjoy the exclusive “Sleep Climax” and 21-styles “God's Hands” courses (worth $66,800 ). Complete the courses to receive certifications by both Goku No Kimochi and the Hong Kong Sleeping Quality Association. You can also apply for company course subsidies, with a maximum of 100% tuition assistance! Outstanding students may even have the opportunity to intern at the Japan headquarter.

Recruiting Now


Sleep Therapists

Be the first group of sleep therapists! Use the unique "21-style massage techniques" to massage heads and bodies of clients, stimulating the secretion of dopamine, also known as the “happiness neurotransmitter”, to induce sleepiness.

$22,000 - $40,000

Sleep-Aid Specialists

Be the first group of sleep-aid specialists! Apply the unique "21-style techniques" to the heads of clients, helping them achieve an “out-of-body”-like relaxing state. With competitive manual fees, professional on-the-job training, and a clear career advancement ladder.

$20,000 - $30,000


・Handling and responding to customer inquiries
・following up on customer reservation service
・proficiency in B2B systems is preferred

$12,000 - $18,000

Work LocationMong Kok, Yuen Long, Sha Tin

Entry Requirements

・Maintain brand imagine and improve customer service quality

・Great customer service attitude and communication skills

・Attentive to the needs of customers

・Positive-thinker, responsible, cheerful and polite

・We welcome applicants from all fields

Exclusive Benefits

・8 working hours + 1 lunch hour

・Minimum 8 days offs per month + 11 holidays per year

・Birthday leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave

・Medical and dental benefits

・Incentive allowances and performance bonuses

・Performance-based bonuses, overtime allowances

・Referral bonuses

・Professional training from Japan

Interested applicants may either email their CVs to INFO@GOKU-NOKIMOCHI.HK or call 5232 3607 (Mr. Wong) to negotiate.

Personal information of applicants is for recruitment purpose only

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