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Stress, anxiety, lack of rest and more can lead to head and scalp tensions. The head and brain are the masters of the human body, which makes urban stress symptoms, such as headaches and dizziness, discomforting, affecting daily life and well-being. Introduced from Japan, the specialized massage treatments address head and scalp health and relaxation, alleviating common modern stress symptoms such as insomnia and eye fatigue. Based on 15 years of research, Japan's 'Massage Queen' presents the self-developed 'God's Hands' 21-Style Techniques help you reach "sleep climax" in just 10 minutes, increase your dopamine secretion. Enjoy 3 Life's Biggest Pleasures: Sweet Dream, Rejunvantation, and Happiness!

Improve Sleep Quality

Improve Sleep Quality

Relieves scalp tension, promotes blood circulation in the head, eases you into a deep state of sleep, improving overall sleep quality

Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

Thoroughly releases scalp and muscle tension, stimulates subcutaneous blood circulation, revitalizes the skin, reduces wrinkles, detoxifies and reduces swelling, brightens skin tone, and restores vibrancy

Sleep Climax

Sleep Climax

The founder personally imparts the based on 15 years of research, Japan's 'Massage Queen' presents the self-developed 'God's Hands' 21-Style techniques for achieving "sleep climax" in 10 minutes, bringing you limitless happiness

Bring Joy

Bring Joy

The "sleep climax" induces deep relaxation and increases dopamine secretion. You will feel joyous during and after the massage

¹ As of June 2023


Who Should Get
Head Massages?

Fatigued Constantly

Groggy after Waking Up

Still Sleepy After a Long Sleep

Often Feel Heavy in the Head and Eyelids

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Our Japanese head massage techiques are loved by customers and recommended by neurosurgeon Dr. Akihiko Ishida

Dr. Akihiko Ishida

Recommended by Neurosurgeon
Dr. Akihiko Ishida

Nowadays, many urbanites experience chronic brain fatigue due to stress. The brain can't function normally without sufficient rest, increasing the risk of hypertension, obesity, and affective disorders. Allowing the brain deep and sufficient rest helps improve the recovery abilities of both the brain and body.

Head massage treatment can alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue, such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, eye fatigue, insomnia, hair loss, and rough skin texture, thus enhancing sleep quality and preventing health concerns.

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Atsumi Kaneda, Japanese Founder
15 Years of Research-Based, Self-Invented 21-Style Massage Techniques

As Japan's No. 1 'Divine Massage Parlour', all our employees hold the certified 'Head Massage Master' qualification. The parlour's name, Goku No Kimochi, symbolizes our wish to release the tight “headband” of stress for everyone. Goku No Kimochi has gained renown for its massage treatments, inducing "Sleep Climaxs" in clients within just 10 minutes.

Hong Kong’s Only
'-15°C Cryo Space'

One and only in Hong Kong, our unique '-15°C Cryo Space' employs new-age muscle relaxation technique. Massages occur after the skin enters a frozen-like state for a few minutes. The alternating cold and hot sensations stimulate blood vessel contraction, accelerating blood circulation and promoting muscle relaxation

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